The origin of Vivamask

Masks have become an important part of our everyday life. But unfortunately, conventional face masks pollute the environment. That has to change! thought the student start-up company Holy Shit. Said-Done. In the context of the press conference of the Hamburg Environmental Institute on 02.03.2021 they presented in cooperation with the scientific director of the Hamburg Environmental Institute, Prof. Dr. Michael Braungart and Fredy Baumeler (Managing Director Climatex) a novel mask according to the requirements Cradle to Cradle: The Vivamask

Cradle to Cradle means that products are part of a natural cycle. From nature and back to nature. All production steps are sustainable and without waste!

The fabric of the VivaMask is skin-friendly and inhibits the growth of bacteria. Production requires only small amounts of land and water, and no pesticides or chemical fertilizers. The VivaMask thus represents a signpost in the form of a genuine alternative to the problematic disposable masks. For the distribution of the masks Holy Shit. and Climatex are supported by their partner from the industry, Viotrade GmbH.

Development & implementation of the VivaMask

The idea for this pollutant-free, reusable and compostable mask, came from 3 companies at once. Viotrade GmbH, Holy Shit. Student Cradle to Cradle Consulting gGmbH and Climatex AG. The VivaMask is a joint project and combines companies from diverse sectors.

We are familiar with science, development, production and distribution of products according to the principles of Cradle to Cradle. The mask textile is produced in Germany. The distribution outside Switzerland is organized by Viotrade GmbH with headquarters in Bavaria. In Switzerland the distribution is organized by Forpex AG. We are also supported by the great The Goodwins agency.


Cradle-to-cradle management means developing products so that all ingredients are positively defined. Each material can be reused as a nutrient for the biosphere or the technosphere.

Simply put: No waste is produced!

This is exactly what we have achieved with the VivaMask and are proud to be among the thousands of Cradle to Cradle products already in existence.

VivaMask ist biologisch abbaubar


We want to make the world a better place. Not only for us, but also for all generations to come.

To do this, we design products and services that have a 100% positive impact on people and the environment.

Products that not only reduce harm, but actually increase the quality of life! Our activities are based on the Cradle to Cradle principle, developed by Prof. Dr. Michael Braungart.

VivaMask ist biologisch abbaubar

The aim is to establish Cradle to Cradle design principles in all sectors of industry. Whether textiles, packaging, automotive, buildings, consumer goods or cosmetics.

Material knowledge forms the basis for optimizing products from the molecular to the modular level. This is good not only from an ecological point of view, but also from an economic point of view for everyone in these economic sectors. VIOTRADE, in collaboration with scientists, develops innovative solutions for companies focusing on mouth and nose protection masks and accompanies them along the way. Customers are offered only biodegradable products and systems. Everything is precisely tailored to their needs. VIOTRADE is oriented towards nature. Waste" becomes "nutrients" in our biological and consistent cycles.

VIOTRADE brings together all the necessary participants for infinite availability of materials to achieve climate-positive goals and qualitative growth. According to a concept developed by Prof. Dr. Michael Braungart: the Cradle to Cradle principle. Face mask certified according to EN 14683:2019 + AC: 2019 TYPE I/II. 99.18% viral filtration performance + 98.53% bacterial filtration performance.

Together with the filter, the mask can effectively protect against viruses, particulate matter, pollen, various air pollutants and microplastics. The VivaMask has an opening at the bottom, where the additional filter layer must be inserted. The mask not only protects against the transmission of viruses and thus the health of you and those around you. It also protects you in general, because it is skin-friendly and prevents the absorption of bioplastics. Our antibacterial fabric is up to 10 times more resistant to bacterial growth than cotton. This prevents, for example, bacterial infections and rashes in the mouth area, as well as odors inside the mask. The mask can be washed at 95 degrees Celsius about 50 times. This offers the advantage that you can boil it for disinfection!


The fabric can absorb about 50% more moisture than cotton. Cools in the heat and warms in the cold. The fabric of the masks has a bacteriostatic effect, which means that it effectively prevents bacterial growth and thus odor formation, as well as skin irritation and rashes.

The patented Air Flap System, provides a pleasant air circulation by transporting the humid breathing air outside.

The soft fabric and the choice of different sizes (S, M, L) provide great comfort.

Unlike conventional masks, there is no formation, absorption or accumulation of microplastics when wearing the VivaMask.

VivaMask ist biologisch abbaubar


The fabric of the mask and its earpieces are 100% biodegradable and are a nutrient for the biosphere. The main material is pulp from beech or eucalyptus wood. These are rapidly renewable raw materials from FSC-certified plantations. The cultivation requires 6 times less arable land than cotton and chemical fertilizers and genetic manipulation are not used.

The mask can be disposed of without hesitation in biological systems or the environment, where it can serve as a nutrient for nature. The cellulose-based material can be recycled directly in the technical cycle.

All other components of the mask (packaging, leaflets, wires, etc.) also form nutrients for biological and/or technical cycles. The mask thus meets all the requirements of the cradle-to-cradle principle.

The mask is Made in Germany / Made in Europe: This results in lower resource consumption, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, fast delivery times, independence from international suppliers and high quality standards. The mask enables companies to protect their employees from viruses, bacteria, fine dusts, pollen and other air pollutants and also to actively gain a social image through its pioneering role in environmental protection and the circular economy.

VivaMask ist biologisch abbaubar